Monday, 4 October 2010

It's been almost exactly seven months since I last blogged I actually can't believe it! 

Alot has changed since then, I have left my everyday job to study a make up course at my local college and I'm desperately in love with my boyfriend who I've been with since June :D and I've just recently found out that I'm pregnant!! :D

I just wasn't enthused enough to blog properly before but I'm feeling so much better nowadays so let the blogging re-commence! 

If there are any particular type of posts you'd like to see give me a shout, I've got a favourite red lips post and an illamasqua collection post in the works already.

Anyhoo I'm off to do my homework hee hee I feel like a child again :) much love xxx 


Computergirl said...

Congratulations! Sounds like you are getting along well in life! How exciting!! Emma xx

*Dainty*Dollymix* said...

Natalie! I have missed you muchly! Congratulations on your pregnancy hun, such amazing news! How far along are you? do tell us all about it!
Glad your back blogging!

Tillyness86 said...

Thanks emma I really feel so much more positive :) the pregnancy news was a major shock but after the initial :O I'm really excited! Xxx

Sinead I've missed you too I've still been reading your blog still loving it thought you'd left a while back but it was only a holiday lol :) I'm back in twitterland as well and I'm going to have another post up by wednesday :) I'm just five weeks along so it's early days but I'm due on the 5th of June, me and my boyfriend will have only been together a year by then. He's just started university in penrith so it couldn't have been worse timing! But we love each other so much and are ridiculously serious about one another so I think we're going to cope :D xxxx

Caz said...


Anonymous said...

Oh wow congrats on your pregnancy! How are you feeling? Are you "glowing"??? (that's what people used to tell me but I don't know if it was true!)