Saturday, 23 October 2010

Looking good whilst pregnant, is it possible?

As some of you may know I recently discovered that I'm pregnant. Now here comes the first hurdle, my hair, it's become harder to manage, greasier and lank. :( not good at all you'll agree. I'm presuming this is a delightful side effect of the mini me I'm cultivating internally but what can I do so I don't look like a Jeremy Kyle reject who's trying to determine the father of her 7 children?! Greasy hair + me = no self esteem.

Second issue is my skin, not only has it become very dry in places and incredibly dull, in others it's like I've dipped my face in lard and I have ACTUAL SPOTS!!!  Having never suffered with spots in any major way before (I'm 23) I consider myself cursed, is this a karma thing or another delightful pregnancy thing?

The last issue isn't a current challenge I face but more for the future - clothes. What do you guys think is appropriate for a pregnant 23 (soon to be 24) year old to be wearing bearing mind I'm a size 16 with huge melons/babylons/boobs/breasticles whatever takes your fancy!! My own personal style is casual kind of basic but I focus on accessories and outerwear. Any tips/ websites / blogs I should check out? 

I will be posting something substantial soon girls I promise :) for now this is one sleepy girl signing off for the night xxx


Lauren Loves... said...

Congratulations! Hope the pregnancy goes well. xxx