Saturday, 31 January 2009

Eyeko stash has arrived!!

It's here!! Yey I got seriously giddy and almost grabbed the parcel out the postman's hands :D Anyway I've taken pics of my mini haul I'm going to use the products I haven't used before tomorrow because I'm off work woo hoo! So I can play about with them, the one I'm particularly excited about is the mini palette 'rude girl' mainly because it was free because I spent over £10 and the shipping was free - international as well :O The magic eyeliner also looks interesting, I have something similar by a brand called Front Cover who did some gifts sets in boots at Christmas.

I managed to get one 2weeks before xmas for £15 instead of £30 for i think 16 large eye shadows (don't quote me) and a magic liner. You simply swipe it over which ever eyeshadow you want and apply it as you would a normal liquid! Now the Eyeko one it says you have to wipe it before you put it back whereas the Front Cover one self cleans somehow. It's a good idea especially for those people who don't like wetting their shadows because the magic liner doesn't change the texture of your shadow at all.

So in the lineup we have:-

back row - the 'rude girl' palette

middle row (l - r) - 'sexy eyes' 5 in 1 cake shadows

'magic eyeliner' (perched on top of shadows)

'strawberry fat balm' both colour and smell :D

'minty fat balm' with a subtle pink sheen

'3 in 1 cream' highlighter, moisturiser and eye cream

front row - mascara in black - it comes in a squeezy silver tube!

I already use the fat balm in raspberry and I've had one of them for 6 years now and it hasn't gone off or changed colour or texture and did have the most adorable packaging but because it's and OAP (old aged product) it's worn away. Anyhoo I'm off to bed now to get my much needed beauty sleep, I'm doing my first video for You Tube tommorow (excited!) featuring my gorgeous new Eyeko stuff!! Night night x x x

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Intro!! first blog ever!!

Hi guys i'm Natalie and the first thing you should know is that i love make up and hair and just generally playing about with my look. I'm going to be posting videos on you tube soon I just need to sort out my camera - it broke :( I think until then i'll still post pictures sort of step by step of how to do certain looks and in a few days when my eyeko stash arrives ill have some reviews to do!!! Yey!! I've been using eyeko products for about 7 years but some of the newer stuff I haven't got so i'm excited!! Anyhoo I have work in the morning so i probably need some sleep :zzzz bye!!! x x x x x