Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A to Z of me!!

I saw this tag on A Fashionable Affair and thought I would jump in on it! As a side note - I received an email about my new camera; it is on backorder for 3 weeks!!! I wasn’t impressed and told them to cancel my order and refund my moolah.

A . . new beginning I feel like my life is mine again

B . . irthdays specifically mine! 17th November put it in your diaries!

C . . heryl my bestest friend in the whole wide world ha ha we've been friends since we were 4 and even though we've had fallouts and don't see each other often, we've never stopped being friends. She's my Yoda the one person I can go to for advice that basically I already knew and just needed someone else to tell me!

D . . entist I haven't been in maybe over a year! That's really bad for me I love my teeth they're pretty.

E . . ! channel 151 I love it for some random celeb gossip :)

F . . riends, I didn't used to be one of those girls who relied on female friends as I found them too bitchy and competitive but over the past year I've found a group of friends that I can really rely for a chat, a good night out and even just for a random joke text! I wouldn't like to be without them love you guys x x

G . . ail - my mum the one person who will always be there for me no matter what happens or what I do she always sticks by me.

H . . ome nothing like that feeling of walking in the door after work and feeling that all is right with the world

I . . ndecision my worst trait

J . .osh my brother who I am extremely proud of and wish I was still as close to him as I used to be :(

K . . orres spiced chocolate and brandy shower gel – I love you! You smell like Christmas!

L . . iving Tv I think they have some of the best programs on TV Greys Anatomy, Army Wives, ANTM etc

M . . ake up! This one had to be here, the spending has gone wildly out of control lately but I'll contribute that to the healing process - it's allowed.

N . . ew Moon I am so excited I could explode!! 20.11.09 woop woop I'll be the geek in the corner with my advance booking tickets :) and it's out 3 days after my birthday!

O . . ld age - I turn 23 this time and I'm stupidly excited about my presents, I'm still a child inside

P . . ets - my cat Barney is a pain in the bum but I love him all the same, I really want a whippet called Daisy as well though.

Q . . ueuing not my favourite thing to do

R . . obert Pattinson you sexy moody beast I want you ha ha I've got to admit I did think he was kinda hot when he was in Harry Potter which is kinda creepy considering how old he was (eeep). Cast the boy as a sexy vampire and you've got a winner!!

S . . ingle life - I am loving being single I feel so free and I'm happy all the time now where as I used to be happy 25% of the time when I was with my ex.

T . . wilight!!!!aaaaaaaahhhhh *squeals* I so did not get the hype and then about 2 months after it came out on DVD I caved in and bought it. I am obsessed!!

U . . nderwear - La Senza I love you, you sexify me

V . . omit, in a public place, at 730am = it’s never appropriate so just don’t. It’s not something I enjoy seeing on the bus making its way under my seat from behind or almost stepping in it walking to work.

W . . ednesday nights out - it's the new Friday

X . . rated facebook pictures - one friend of mine who shall not be named posted some very porno-esque pictures sandwiched between pictures of a night out I hope she didn’t know they were there but something tells me she did – eeew I feel dirty just thinking about them

Y . . awning something I do a lot at the moment I'm pretty exhausted from working 2 jobs and very late nights

Z. . zzzzzzzz a thing I need lots of but I'm only getting about 4 hours a night at the moment

That took ages for some reason I couldn't think of one for I? Anyhoo I tag basically anyone who reads this x x

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Update and Sizzle or Fizzle 002

I'm going to skim over the fact that I haven't posted in a month because a lot has been going on and I'm going to let myself off with a caution ha ha! If you follow me on Twitter you will have probably seen me ranting about splitting up with my boyfriend about 3 weeks ago, for those of you that don't a quick rundown of events, he was being unfaithful, I caught him and I ended it. It is safe to say I'm much better off and now have time to see my friends and family more and do things I love to do like blogging (and shopping :D )

Update over I'll move swiftly ahead to my ins and outs or as I call them Sizzle or Fizzle!

Sizzling so far this month

• The Twilight book series - I am literally refusing to start the last two chapters of Breaking Dawn because I don't want it to end :(

• Nights out with my friends - I've had so much fun catching up with life outside of the boyfriend bubble where my every sentence doesn't start with "oh my boyfriend has that" or "Me and my boyfriend go there all the time" I can't stand those couples who lose their own identity and I became part of one without realising grr!

• Sleek lipstick in Fuchsia 833 - now I literally bought this today but I love it dearly already, I fall in love hard and fast it's only been 4 hours! It is a gorgeous bright pink with slight blue undertones.

• Getting a new camera - this relates to a Fizzle but my replacement camera is being purchased from Curry’s tomorrow after work :D yey

• Finally being able to blog - When I have my new camera and now that I've lost 16 stone of controlling male I will be able to blog without my camera dying after 30 seconds or being told to "turn off the computer I'm not interested in anything you like sit here and listen to me snore on your couch" ha ha not a direct quote but a true reflection of the everyday realities of my ex-relationship.

• Superdrug - my local shop has finally pulled their finger out and now has a shiny new Sleek stand yippee! Yesterday the stand was there empty and looking so pretty and pink. I asked one of the assistants (Emma - yes I know their names I'm in there that often) when it would be filled and she said tomorrow (Tuesday). So on my lunch hour I mooched in and found it almost full with a new palette tempting me, Sunset, apparently there is another coming out, Graphite, which looks gorgeous! Unfortunately they only had the tester for Sunset :( but in the immortal words of Arnie I'll be back! I ended up buying 4 lipsticks, 1 palette and a highlighting powder.

Fizzling its way down the scale

• Not being able to blog properly since I started, it's something I really love to do. The knowledge I've gained over the past 9 months has been amazing and the people I've spoken to on Twitter and at the Manchester Illamasqua event have been amazing, bright and inspiring people. It makes me a bit sad that just when I can really get involved in a community that I love being a part of, no matter how small, there is a lot of drama around that puts a dampener on things.

Enough sad weepy talk a preview of upcoming posts is my parting gift to you because I wuv you all ha ha I'm such a geek tonight I think I ate too many jelly babies

• My mahoosive (huge) Sleek review covering the palettes, eyeliners, lipsticks and any other bits I own.

• My Cherry Culture haul, which is also mahoosive, featuring NYX, Milani and Sinful Colors.

• Eyeko brand overview, possibly the most overdue post in the history of time I mean surely 9 months is a long enough time to test something!

• A mixed bag of reviews, MAC, Urban Decay, St Moriz, L'oreal and loads of other stuff. One thing you will learn about me is that I don't just love to shop, I need to shop it's my oxygen ha ha

Basically I think that's about it, I can't wait to get my shiny new camera but I can't decide between Sony and Samsung at the mo, any recommendations would be lovely. Love and smooches Tilly x x x