Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Tag - Natalie Wants......

This sounded like a laugh so I thought I'd join in. Saw this on Kelly's (kelanjo19) blog and it made me laugh like a loon especially her no.3!! :o

Basically you go to google and type in your first name and then wants e.g Natalie wants and write down the top five it comes up with.

Here we go - so Natalie wants ........

  1. to buy a new shoe blower which is on sale
  2. wants your shoes! (I see a theme!)
  3. you to take action on senator mc cain!
  4. a puppy
  5. to befriend everyone
I am SO glad it wasn't a top six because the next one was Natalie wants to use the money made from auctioning off her virginity to further her studies!!!
Mine are quite tame nothing like Kelly's now they made me giggle it'll be really fun seeing what other people get I even put in my mums name for a laugh :D x x x

Oh and if you guys have got time go check out Elle's blog http://selfconfessedbeautyaddict.blogspot.com/ it's really cute and she's having an insane giveaway! x x x

Sunday, 26 July 2009

I'm back!!! With some blog love and smooches

Ok so I'm back on the scene after what seems like a thousand years! (or a month) and I will try and get a blog post per day done mainly just to show you guys the stuff that has been mounting up recently!

Anyhoo I wanted to talk about some really amazing blogs that I love.

  • http://www.scrangie.com/ I don't know her name or much else about her apart from the fact that she loves nails!! Before I buy any nail polish I check her blog and see what colours and formulations she recommends and act accordingly. Her swatches are perfectly lit and applied which makes reading her blog a joy. She seems to get all the new OPI, Zoya, Essie polishes before any other blogger. You will literally drool at all the gorgeous colours she has. I should stop blabbing now so you can all go read her blog!!

  • Next up is Vanessa from http://nessasarymakeup.blogspot.com/ this girl is so sweet and has just got engaged! I love her blog it is amazing, it's a really good mix of her everyday life and her shopping habits! As with 'scrangie' her swatches are brilliant when I was ordering my NYX products from cherry culture, her blog is the first place I went. I love her eyeshadow map showing people where to put eye shadows (up until the first time I read her blog I didn't know what the outer V was!) Her make up looks are always gorgeous and vibrant and never fail to inspire me. I wish she would make youtube videos again because I thought they were all great (for some reason I never subscribed?weird!)
And that is everything for tonight! Except to say thank you to the people I've been chatting to on twitter these past few days, I've had swine flu and been stuck in my room for 5 days but tomorrow is my last day!! Wooohoo! I can shop again! x x x