Thursday, 14 January 2010

Space NK and Sonia Kashuk brushes

This post could be titled 'the order that nearly never was' it definately took it's time getting here. I've ordered and received lots of things in the same time it took these bad boys to get here.

Oh well dark cloud removed and onto happier things the brushes! I'd heard about Sonia Kashuk from my aunty who lives in the US, she gets the brushes from her local grocery store and they are super cheap. I'd seen them in Space NK and thought "are you having a laugh that's at least a 60% mark up!". Anyhoo about two weeks ago I was mooching on Twitter and saw a few comments saying how they were on sale at crazily reduced prices yey!

After much deliberation I decided on two of the synthetic flat top face brushes - one for foundation, one for cream blush etc; the flat top eyeshadow brush, the concealer brush and the teeny tiny smudge brush.

The smudge brush was purely bought to compare it to my nars smudge brush. On first glance they are nothing alike but it remains to be seen whether they work the same. (comparison post to follow)

The flat top face brushes were bought as a back up of my Jemma Kidd flat top brush that I use for blush just in case it runs away from me! When I looked at them though I realised they would be better for foundation and cream blush/liquid highlighters.

The flat top eyeshadow brush I thought would make a good crease brush for me because I have smaller lids and the 224 isn't precise enough.

The concealer brush was basically thrown in there to stop me buying the Mac 194. I don't like spending lots of money on brushes for base products because I can never get them clean enough for my germ phobic self. I'd hate to spend almost £20 on a brush and want to fling it in the bin as soon as it wouldn't come clean.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty, cost. The flat top face brush was £4.75, the flat top e/s brush was £3.75, the concealer brush was £3.25 and the smudge e/s brush was £3.25. I think they're pretty good value for nice quality soft brushes. They're all synthetic and feel very silky against my skin, the real test of course will be when I wash them for the first time.

Also with my order I received three samples, a mens fragrance, a Rodial diet supplement (could come in handy) and a Fekkai protein rx treatment just what my poor hair needs in this weather.

If you have any questions or want me to review a paricular brush after I've used it, just pop it in the comments. X x two weeks until Imats!!

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Superdrug cures boredom

So whilst I was waiting for my bus home after work today I accidently on purpose wandered into Superdrug. I was bored which inevitably led to me buying make up - what a shocker! I'd been thinking about buying Rimmel sexy curves again for a while but because I really didn't like it first time round I was hesistant. With the silly weather we're having at the moment I was in search of a waterproof mascara. Out of almost 15 mascaras I own, none are waterproof! I did spy the rather cute blue packaging of sexy curves waterproof from afar with a big red sign next to it saying £3 off. It was my lucky day, that's all the justification I needed so in the basket it went. Next up was the Gosh counter which was as usual horrifically low on stock. Aside from the permanent stock issues they had a new promotion offering selected items at half price. They had one of my favourite bronzers no.6, 2 of the art liners; a pale gold and a darker gold. Also up for grabs - 2 nail varnishes a pale white gold and an orange gold, 3 eyeshadow quads and 1 or 2 velvet touch eyeliners.

The velvet touch eyeliner I picked up was no.005 Golden Cadillac, a colour I've wanted for a while and at £2.50 i couldn't resist.

The extreme art liner that came into my possesion was no.4 a very pale yellow gold, I think this was about £3.50.

I'm quite pleased with my random purchases, I'll let you know how the mascara fares against the snow :). Hopefully I'll be able to get to work but they keep stopping the buses so I might have to get out my skis!

Oh almost forgot I'm going to Imats in London this year and I'm stupidly excited about it. So excited in fact that I've started writing a list of what I want. I'm really looking forward to seeing the illamasqua stand and mac pro - I'm in need of some pro pigments, a bunch of neutral eyeshadow (boring I know but I don't really own any) and some cheaper brushes. If anybody is going on the saturday let me know in the comments. X x

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