Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Tag - Top three products for under £5

I saw this tag on Cupcakes and cherries and thought it sounded like fun at least until I can find my usb lead which has hidden itself amongst the debris in my room! I have loads of pictures to put, hauls, reviews etc but it's done a runner :o

Back to business, the idea of this tag is to pick three products one being haircare, one skincare and one make up that are under......£5!

Skincare - Loreal Hydrafesh Normal to combination moisturiser

I love this moisturiser, it feels cooling and refreshing on the skin and is a perfect base for makeup, foundation seems to slide over this easily but doesn't slide off. Now this in places like Superdrug and Boots is over £5 but if you go to Morrisons or Asda it is often £3.8something. I have tried the normal to dry version and it just stops my skin from breathing and is really difficult to rub in. 

Hair care – Tresseme shampoos and conditioner

These can often be found on a BOGOF offer in pretty much any place you can buy hair care. I usually get mine from Asda for just under £5 and on BOGOF. I like Tresemme purely for the amount of product you get for the price I buy the 900ml bottles for £5 and they last aaaaaages – yeah that long! They have a huge range for blondes, brunettes, redheads, volume, sleekness, damaged hair etc Not just shampoo and conditioner but treatments and styling products. Go check out some bargainous Tresemme!

Make up – 17 Pressed powder

I use this powder every single day without fail, it never goes cakey, leaves my skin matte but not chalky and it is awesomely cheap at £3.42 a go. I’ve not much else to say about this product apart from the fact that it’s amazing.

Ok thats's about it, I love all these products and use them everyday so they are most definately my top three.  I tag anyone who wants to do this tag please put the links to your blog in the comments so I can read them.  It's good to know people bargain favourites, it saves me money :)  Have a good night everyone x x

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A quickie

Wanted to drop a post in quick just to say that this week (sunday until thursday) I will be wearing 5 products a day.  Yeah you heard right just 5 make up items a day! Shock horror, so far I'm loving it, I have more time to sleep and do important things like eat breakfast which I often sacrifice for make up (sad I know).  Anyhoo that was basically it I'll be posting the pictures on thursday of my 5 FOTD's.

Must point out that I was inspired by Lipgloss86 's post on this kind of challenge :)

Have a good night guys x x