Monday, 29 June 2009

8 Things Tag!!

8 Things Tag….
Can’t remember who tagged me because I’m getting old!

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. My family holiday next February we’re going on another cruise to lots of places have a look and see how cool it’ll be!
2. Days off self explanatory really!
3. Payday same as above!
4. My birthday because it’s awesome although after 21 it does kind of go downhill a bit :(
5. Coming home at the end of the day
6. Having the house to myself, nothing like watching films in your pjs and no one moaning at you to get dressed and do something productive!
7. Winning the lottery I wish!
8. Christmas!!

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Slept
2. Ate sausage casserole and Hagen daas Belgian choc ice cream yum!
3. Watched Greys Anatomy serried finale :(
4. Watched The Unit
5. Watched Army Wives (a lot of tv yesterday)
6. Fed and played with my cats Barney and Foggy
7. Saw my boyfriend after he finished work
8. Watched Muriel’s Wedding on tv before I went to sleep (A LOT of tv yesterday!)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

1. Speak Italian, French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese
2. Retire right now!
3. Find what I’m really good at and make it my career instead of coasting along in naff jobs!
4. Realise that no.2 and 3 contradict each other!
5. Earn more money
6. Stop spending so much!
7. Get my social life back in order!
8. Make my family proud of me

Sooo that’s it kids, that’s all you're getting from me! I tag anyone who has read this and wants to do it! X x x

20 Questions Tag!!

20 Questions Tag!

I wasn’t technically tagged but I haven’t posted in forever so I’m doing it and there’s nothing you can do to stop me :p

1. Things you cannot leave the house without:Hmm can I just say my bag and all the junk in it?!Ok if I had to narrow it down to say 3 things it would be phone, Vaseline (or any lip balm) and money/debit card.

2. Favourite brand of Make Up:At the moment it would have to be Urban Decay I’ve been using the Ammo palette almost every day recently. But all time favourite 17 from Boots I love the eyeshadows.

3. Favourite flower:Wasn’t really ‘into’ flowers until recently but I’ve discovered that sunflowers are my favourite flower. I think they’re gorgeous.

4. Favourite clothing store:Shoes – used to be New Look, at the moment not really impressed but most of my shoes are from there so we’ll go with New LookBasics – Next because they are usually cheaper than New Look, H&M etc
Everything else – Debenhams just for the sheer variety of brands and products

5. Favourite perfume:All my favourites get discontinued but it was Armani Night (red bottle) then Gucci (clear bottle brown liquid smells quite manly but also a bit like talc!) and now the new-ish Gucci in the brown bottle think it may be called Gucci? lol

6. Heels or Flats:Everyday wear got to be flats except in winter I like to get out my knee high boots. Nights out – heels but I’d like to wear flats to be honest I’m getting kind of low maintenance when it comes to shoes.

7. Do you make good grades:Eh kind of not as good as I should have done

8. Favourite colours:Used to be baby blue then teal now purple although I am rocking the black/white black/cream combo at the mo

9. Do you drink energy drinks:Used to be a blue bear junkie (Spars version of red bull) just to keep me awake through my old job (it sucked) but now don’t drink it at all

10. Do you drink juice:Yeah sometimes apple is my fave but like orange as well smooth though no bits! God help if I find bits in my juice! I drink it more on holiday mainly because they give you gallons of it with breakfast :D

11. Do you like swimming:No, I LOVE swimming!! Used to swim competitively but got into partying and that kind of faded away but I still love it only really get time for it when on my hols.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork:I’ve loved reading peoples answer to this dunno why just a weird fascination I guess. To answer the question though I eat chips with a fork if they’re part of a meal that wasn’t from a drive through (home-cooked, restaurant etc)

13. Favourite moisturiser:L’oreal Hydrafresh I think it’s called it was discontinued in Boots then Superdrug stocked it now they just do the dry skin one which makes my skin drier????I have found that they stock the oily/combo one in Morrisons hurrah!! I can’t be bothered going on a new moisturiser hunt

14. Do you want to get married later on in life: Hmm yeah if I find the right person logic will go out the window and I’ll be all bridezilla! but I don’t necessarily think marriage equates to a happy life together. I know people that have been together 40 years without being married. So it’s each to their own really.

15. Do you get mad easily:Yeah but I calm down really quickly as well.

16. Are you into ghost hunting:let me think nah not really lol random question!

17. Any phobias: Small heights yeah that’s right standing on a ladder, chair, stool, couch whatever I will freak out (in my head but I never let it show) The weird thing is though that I love huge heights they completely fascinate me! Skydiving?sign me up! Rock climbing? Love it! Flown a plane? Why yes I have! See I’m weird!

18. Do you bite your nails:Used to but stopped when I learnt that biting ONE nail- just one!! Is equivalent to licking a toilet seat in terms of bacteria and such. So since licking a toilet seat is something I’d never do I stopped cold turkey and haven’t done it in 9 years!!

19. Have you ever had a near death experience:Yes

20. Do you drink coffee:Nope used to in college mainly because you got a kit kat free to dunk with it!

I tag all of my followers and anyone who randomly reads this! x x x