Wednesday, 25 February 2009

It's been forever!!!!!

Wow so yeah nothing particularly interesting has happened lately, I've had no money therefore no way to get anything pretty! but ........ I get paid on friday yey!!!!! I should throw a parade for my wage slip I'm so happy I could die (or just spend it all in a week :D)

I'm hoping the boyfriend will take me to Sally's which is a few towns away from where I live so I'll have to be extra nice to him!

Shopping List for PAYDAY!!

  • chi silk infusion
  • chi keratin mist
  • chi nourish intense
  • chi curling tongs- if they're on sale (i sound like a chi junkie!)
  • china glaze I pray there's some left cause last time there was a base coat sat on its own looking lonely- I'll decide on the colours when I get there but I'm hoping for evening seduction and lubu heels hopefully I'll come back with about 20 of them hee hee
  • and anythingg else that might take my fancy I figure I should splash out and then calm down with the spending for a bit (a week maybe?)
  • a thank you for being my driver/slave/bag carrier present for my boyfriend because he's legend!
Anyhoo I shall report back with pictures of my fabulous haulage, reviews etc. I'm off to have my tea now and the boy has just turned up (it's always when we're about to sit down to eat I think he can smell food from a mile away!)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

I tried to put this off for as long as I could cause I knew it would take me forever!! I got tagged by MakeupLover_X and MizzWorthy.

25 random things errrr.....

  1. I hate heights, small heights like climbing a ladder or standing on a chair
  2. But I love heights if that makes sense I love roller coasters, I've flown a plane and am hoping someone buys me a bungee jump or skydiving experience thing for my birthday!
  3. I love make up and playing around with my hair but for the past three years I've worn the same make up every day and just got really bored of it.
  4. My hair was platinum blonde for 4 and a half years and I loved and hated it the colour was beautiful but difficult to keep the same, my roots always looked scarily darker than they were really and my hair became pretty dry and I cut alot of it off. I always seemed to have broken hairs like 2 inches long which looked a bit mental.
  5. My dream careers from when I was a kid vary enormously I'll just list them in the order of the phases I went through - actress, vet, doctor, teacher, actress, make up artist, spy, history teacher, mum and housewife, doctor, actress, psychologist, tank driver, fashion designer, sniper, mum and housewife, English teacher, make up artist, beautician, actress and probably still many more to come as you can see I change my mind alot but there are a few careers that pop up often!
  6. I have two middle names Louise and Jade but I always wanted three cause I'm greedy ha ha
  7. I only listen to the radio in my boyfriends car never the house
  8. I love Diorshow mascara but only for the first three weeks of using it cause after that it seems to dry up stupidly quickly
  9. I have a scar on my nose from when I got bitten by my grandmas dog it only shows up when I frown
  10. Oh yeah and the end of my nose wiggles up and down when I talk like a rabbit not so much you'd notice if I didn't tell you oops lol
  11. I live with my mum, my brother, my step dad and my cat Barney and our adopted cat Pharrell
  12. My favourite colour is blue especially teal but for the past year I've been obsessed with purple!
  13. I love Roxy jeans and have just bought 2 pairs last month when I was on holiday
  14. I think I could work as Cinderella at Disneyland in Florida it would be awesome to be dolled up like that every day and be happy and smiling all the time!
  15. I love love love Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break and Bones!!!
  16. Ooooo and The Hills!!!!!! and maybe soon The City cause I love Whitney
  17. I love singing and am actually pretty good but I won't sing in public anymore which leads me to my next point...
  18. I'm painfully shy I won't talk to strangers if I don't have to but.....
  19. I have worked in a bookmakers for almost 3 years, a pub for 2 and a half and am currently working in a clothes shop. All these jobs involve talking to strangers and I've loved them all!!
  20. I have a car he's called Gerald and he's sitting on the driveway because I have failed my test 4 times I get so nervous I throw up and get shaky- I want to pass!!!
  21. I have too many clothes to fit in my wardrobe so my room is literally covered in clothes it's grim and I usually like to clothes shop on my own other people are no help, I've yet to find my dream shopping buddy :(
  22. I've been going out with my boyfriend Andrew for 18 months now and he chased me for a year before I finally gave in! lol
  23. I wish I could afford MAC brushes but I'm skint at the minute so I'm snooping around for other brands I like.
  24. I'd love to live in New York I can't think of anything more exciting to do with my life than move to New York and act.
  25. I started reading Vogue when I was 13 but I stopped when I was 18 ish and now I read Glamour and Instyle every month without fail, when I'm not reading magazines I have over 300 books to read and re-read as well as my dvd collection which currently stands at approx 400- I love my films!!

I could actually probably come up with more how mad is that?!

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I feel a big spend coming on!! help!!

I've just been scouting out where my next big lot of make up is coming from (and I mean BIG). I've been looking at and and I'm love with the prices I mean £1.20 ($1.90) for a lipstick HELLO BARGAIN :D, but and it's a big but (ha ha) I noticed that the Eyeko bronzing cream (which i adore more than chomp bars!) is $12!!!!! which works out at about £8.20 ish which is scandalous because on the Eyeko website itself it's £5 ($7.40) and it has free international delivery so I don't know why the heck they can charge extra?

It might not seem like alot of difference in price but I tend to buy loads of stuff all at once so I really notice those pennies disappearing. Anyway I'll put up a link to the Eyeko site just so people know I love the products they all look and smell gorgeous and most importantly they do their job. Also if you enter the code E216 you will get a free product and last time I ordered from there I got a make up palette which will be in my Eyeko haul video which I will put up on Sunday because my computer isn't playing nice at the minute.

So yeah apart from the mini rant I've decided I'm going to spend a fair bit of my wages on NYX lipsticks, LA Colours eyeshadow palettes and probably Milani stuff especially like the look of the tinted moisturiser if anyone has tried it can you let me know?

Right that's me off to bedfordshire now (I always seem to do my blogs last thing at night what's that all about?) I'll get all my videos uploaded to Youtube tomorrow I've done 6 yey me!! Night night x xx x

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Bad blogger (already!)

Ok so I'm bad I haven't done my Eyeko post yet. I've been pretty ill lately and pictures and vids of me with a runny nose and scruffy hair aren't going to be too appealing. All is not lost, on Tuesday (today) I will do 4 or maybe 5 vids on you tube and upload pics here.

The videos I'll be doing:-

  1. Eyeko haul
  2. A single girls valentine look (a bright fun style)
  3. A coupled-up valentines look (smoky but still guy-friendly)
  4. A hairstyle video probably curls depends how I feel
  5. And last but not least a sparkly snow queen look (it's snowing pretty bad where I live and everyones freaking out but I'm taking inspiration from the weather!!)
Ok so that's pretty much the plan for tomorrow I do need to sleep now cause it's a wee bit late :O Night Night x x x