Sunday, 8 February 2009

I feel a big spend coming on!! help!!

I've just been scouting out where my next big lot of make up is coming from (and I mean BIG). I've been looking at and and I'm love with the prices I mean £1.20 ($1.90) for a lipstick HELLO BARGAIN :D, but and it's a big but (ha ha) I noticed that the Eyeko bronzing cream (which i adore more than chomp bars!) is $12!!!!! which works out at about £8.20 ish which is scandalous because on the Eyeko website itself it's £5 ($7.40) and it has free international delivery so I don't know why the heck they can charge extra?

It might not seem like alot of difference in price but I tend to buy loads of stuff all at once so I really notice those pennies disappearing. Anyway I'll put up a link to the Eyeko site just so people know I love the products they all look and smell gorgeous and most importantly they do their job. Also if you enter the code E216 you will get a free product and last time I ordered from there I got a make up palette which will be in my Eyeko haul video which I will put up on Sunday because my computer isn't playing nice at the minute.

So yeah apart from the mini rant I've decided I'm going to spend a fair bit of my wages on NYX lipsticks, LA Colours eyeshadow palettes and probably Milani stuff especially like the look of the tinted moisturiser if anyone has tried it can you let me know?

Right that's me off to bedfordshire now (I always seem to do my blogs last thing at night what's that all about?) I'll get all my videos uploaded to Youtube tomorrow I've done 6 yey me!! Night night x xx x