Wednesday, 25 February 2009

It's been forever!!!!!

Wow so yeah nothing particularly interesting has happened lately, I've had no money therefore no way to get anything pretty! but ........ I get paid on friday yey!!!!! I should throw a parade for my wage slip I'm so happy I could die (or just spend it all in a week :D)

I'm hoping the boyfriend will take me to Sally's which is a few towns away from where I live so I'll have to be extra nice to him!

Shopping List for PAYDAY!!

  • chi silk infusion
  • chi keratin mist
  • chi nourish intense
  • chi curling tongs- if they're on sale (i sound like a chi junkie!)
  • china glaze I pray there's some left cause last time there was a base coat sat on its own looking lonely- I'll decide on the colours when I get there but I'm hoping for evening seduction and lubu heels hopefully I'll come back with about 20 of them hee hee
  • and anythingg else that might take my fancy I figure I should splash out and then calm down with the spending for a bit (a week maybe?)
  • a thank you for being my driver/slave/bag carrier present for my boyfriend because he's legend!
Anyhoo I shall report back with pictures of my fabulous haulage, reviews etc. I'm off to have my tea now and the boy has just turned up (it's always when we're about to sit down to eat I think he can smell food from a mile away!)