Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Bad blogger (already!)

Ok so I'm bad I haven't done my Eyeko post yet. I've been pretty ill lately and pictures and vids of me with a runny nose and scruffy hair aren't going to be too appealing. All is not lost, on Tuesday (today) I will do 4 or maybe 5 vids on you tube and upload pics here.

The videos I'll be doing:-

  1. Eyeko haul
  2. A single girls valentine look (a bright fun style)
  3. A coupled-up valentines look (smoky but still guy-friendly)
  4. A hairstyle video probably curls depends how I feel
  5. And last but not least a sparkly snow queen look (it's snowing pretty bad where I live and everyones freaking out but I'm taking inspiration from the weather!!)
Ok so that's pretty much the plan for tomorrow I do need to sleep now cause it's a wee bit late :O Night Night x x x