Monday, 28 December 2009

Boxing day lush haul!!

So I headed down to Lush and took advantage of the 'spend £20 and get any gift set free' offer. The shop was very quiet when I got there at about 10:30 according to the staff it was absolute chaos from the minute they opened. Apparently they had fairytale sets, Christmas eve sets and legends sets which people were really excited about getting for free. Only problem there is that the legends gift set was brought out after 1st October and wasn't technically a Christmas gift so it wasn't included in the offer.

I did buy two more sexy boy massage bars and I need to stock up on these before they disappear I'm kind of in love with them. I also got a honey bee bath ballistic, I've never tried this one before, it's got a very light sweet fragrance and is supposed to be soothing. I haven't used any of the products I've bought yet so I can't comment on whether they deliver on their promises.

The next thing I bought was the floating island bath melt which has a sweet but woody scent which is hard to describe. This melt is supposed to be particularly soothing and moisturising and I'm quite excited to use it- is that sad?

Next up is the comforter bubble bar which when I smelled last time I went to lush I absolutely hated. This time round I adore it and have spent at least half an hour today sniffing it like a freak - weird. This is a pretty big product for the price and I think this particular piece could be split into three baths worth. Value for money yey.

There is an offer for a free tins when you buy two massage or shampoo bars and because I bought two sexy boy bars I got a free tin which doesn't actually fit them in. I'm sure I'll find some use for it.

So because I spent over £20 I got to pick out a gift set for free yey for free stuff!! I'd been thinking about buying the vanillary perfume but I couldn't justify spending £25 on a pefume that I had no idea how long it would last, if I would get annoyed by the intensity of the vanilla scent. I decided after much deliberation to get the vanilla scoop set which has the full size perfume inside, a vanilla fountain bath ballistic, a 250g vanilla dee-lite lotion and a full size vanilla dusting powder. I'm beyond impressed with this offer and I love all the products in the gift set and I'm seriously tempted to go back and buy some more things I've been lusting after for a while just to get another free set!!

There was one issue with my lush haul, when I looked at my receipt about an hour later I saw that the sa had put through two satsumo santas when I clearly hadn't bought any. I went back to lush and spoke to the sa and they were very cool about it and refunded the amount straight away. Then we hit a snag, the refund took my total under £20 hmm what to do. I didn't particularly want any other products that day so I asked the sa what he would recommend and he suggested a tea tree toner tab. Problem solved!! He also said that because he had messed up he felt bad and gave me a lil lush pud :) . I've got to say I love the staff at my local store and the customer service I receive every time I go there impresses me massively.

When I get round to using these products I will post a few reviews rounding up the best and worst of the bunch. I actually have alot of reviews of lush products that will be popping up soon because December was the month I went lush crazy!!

Anyhoo I'd really appreciate your feedback on what your favourite products from lush are, pop them in the comments and I'll investigate (that's code for buying more stuff!!)

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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Teeny weeny superdrug haul

So I popped into superdrug today as I so often do and all the make up was still on 3 for 2! Yey for me not so much for my purse but I have an addiction that needs feeding daily ha ha.

First up we have a Barry m lip pencil in no.13 I'm not sure what the actual name is but I shall call it palest baby pink. This liner isn't soft at all but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. The pigmention of the pencil is strong, very opaque and makes a perfect barbie lip if used all over with some clear gloss on top as I did on the bus on the way home.

Sorry about the grim quality photos I'm posting from my iPhone as my computer is on the brink (again). The pencil is a little chalky if used all over but again I don't mind because I like the colour so much! The pink has slight lilac tones to it and would go perfectly with Revlons matte lipstick in pink pout possibly with a slick of one of the Barry m lipglosses I bought today. I haven't checked out any of other lip pencils from Barry m but I will be doing on my next superdrug trip-probably tommorrow!

Next up we have collection 2000 glam crystals liner in no.2 pizzazz a gorgeous green perfect for Christmas. I first heard about these eyeliners on Twitter and I can't remember who posted about them so you'll have to excuse me for not crediting your good taste :). I have been on a rather epic search for the perfect glitter liners, now I have tried products from all price ranges and had limited success. Urban decay glitter liners are in my personal opinion a waste of money see the swatch photo below for proof comparing the collection 2000 and the urban decay. Now the collection 2000 liners are immense the gel/liquid that provides the base for the glitter is coloured to match it which probably helps the impact. The colour range is quite good considering it's a lower end of the drugstore price range. I picked this one up today from superdrug as part of the 3 for 2 offer but they have them labelled as £2.99 which I think considering the quality of the product is very impressive.

Now if you look at the picture above you will hopefully see what I mean in terms of quality of the glitter itself and the distribution of the product. This was two swipes of the urban decay and only one of the collection 2000 the glitter in pizzazz is so fine and almost multi dimensional - I'm in love!! This is my third liner from this range and I will definately be back for more.

Next on the agenda is Gosh velvet touch eye liner in golden moss. I orignally wanted golden globe a gorgeous pale yellow gold but there were 3 testers and no actual products to purchase boo!! superdrug sort out your stock levels! I found this gorgeous colour nestled in between some bright blue twist up liners which also appealed but not as much as this lovely find.

Again I apologise for the horrible swatch but you can pick up the small flecks of glitter nestled in the liner giving it a gorgeous glow. The green colour itself suits my eye colour very well probably because of the warm tone offsetting my blue eyes in a most flattering fashion. This liner is waterproof but I can't confirm this because I haven't worn it yet! When I do I shall be sure to update but I presume it will have decent staying power as bananas does from the same range, even on the waterline. I will be using this pencil all over my eye lid as a base for other colours (the creamy texture will help with blending) or just underneath my lower lashline.

Now we have the Barry M liglosses in no.2 and no.3 I think 2 is called toffee both in reference to the colour and the scent which some people may find overpowering. I happen to like the smell of all but one of the Barry m glosses which I think was no.4. Toffee is a very brown based nude which shouldn't look good on someone with my skintone but does! The gloss stays put for roughly an hour and a half I tested it tonight before I ate and there was still gloss on my lips after my meal. The glitter in the gloss is very fine but still noticeable, it's mostly pink and blue glitter with some green! It all adds up to a very interesting colour. No.3 is a half way house between a gentle shimmer and a full on glitter fest. It is technically clear but does have a pink tint to it and a whole bunch of blue, lilac, pink and green glitter. I should mention that this gloss smells of skittles! I'd advise anyone who is thinking of buying any of these glosses to smell the testers before buying to be on the safe side. It is very pretty worn alone but really comes alive when worn over a pale lip. (see photo below)

On the bottom right of the picture is no.3 on it's own and on the bottom left is it over the Barry M lip liner mentioned earlier in the post. It really does add a beautiful tone and sparkle to any colour you put it over. The gloss at the top of the picture is no.2 toffee and it looks alot darker on camera than it is in real life. It would be a perfect nude for someone who had a darker skin tone than me. On my lips it turns into a deep pinky nude - love :)

Finally we have Barry M nail paint in 292 bright red which literally the brightest red I have seen in a long time. I kind of have an obsession with red nail polish I must have about 15 different variations of red. Everytime I find a new colour though I get excited because here's a red I don't own and it will be mine mwahaha - that's almost exactly what goes through my head because I'm a polish fiend!! I'm not going to swatch it mainly because it's 3:20am and I'm exhausted but can't get to sleep - hence the blogging from Iphone which I am truly in love with having onl owned it for 3 days I don't think I could cope without it!! I will however pop in a closer picture of the polish and make a mental note to do a NOTD post with it soon.

It's not coming off as vibrant on camera as it is in real life which is annoying but I'll live!

To round up this teeny haul which ended up being a massive post I love my new glitter liner and Barry M gloss no.3 in particular.

Goodnight my darlings and I hope I'll be able to post tommorrow night aswell x x

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