Sunday, 7 February 2010

Asos Haulage

So all it takes for me to spend money is an excuse and a free next day delivery code on twitter was reason enough (thanks Sinead). Asos is my hunting ground for bargains especially for illamasqua. I love Illamasqua, I'm not sure if I've actually talked about it but I do love the brand. I already have a fair amount of products, I love their medium pencils, lipsticks and the Dystopia pink smoke eyeshadow quad is possibly my favourite quad of all time.

Soooo to get to the point, Asos was having a bit of a sale on illamasqua, Paul & Joe and various other brands. The prices were hugely discounted I think by 70%! hoorah for cheap stuff!!

The first beauty that caught my eye was the Paul & Joe eyeshadow trio in 002 (don't you think the names are so inventive they just entice you to purchase this exotic sounding luxury item) ok ok so enough of the sarcasm I suppose it's not about the name but the product itself, but the packaging did draw me to it.

Purty aint it?

The colours might be considered blah neutrals to some but they really are pretty, wearable colours for everyday. I needed some 'everyday' colours because the ones I wear everyday are lime green, hot pink, black and purple to name a few. Not all together usually but on the odd occasion :) The texture of the shadows is similar to a MAC veluxe pearl soft but not a powdery crumbly mess. The pigmentation is fairly even and quite good, better than what I was expecting. This is the first Paul & Joe product I have ever bought and I will definately be buying more, especially the lipsticks. I think this was around £8 from £20 and also came on a purple colourway.

Next up is a Models Own nail polish duo that contains red alert and 24K gold. This bargainous lovely was £2! I had heard about Models Own products but never actually seen them in person so I figured £2 wasn't alot of money to waste checking them out. I haven't tried them yet but I can tell that red alert will become a favourite of mine and 24K gold will be stolen by my mum! Red alert is a cream finish blue based red, totally gorgeous I love it! 24K gold is a very metallic yellow toned gold. I can definately see myself buying some more colours from this brand.

More nail varnish!! I have issues :) Asos/Ciate nail paints are pretty reasonably priced at their normal selling price but at £1.50 for each of these I'm very happy.

Ladies and gents I'd like to introduce you to the gorgeousness that is Mary Kate! I can't described how much I love this polish and how difficult it is to describe every facet of the colour. It's a very dark almost black green with lots of shimmer mainly gold but with every other colour that you can imagine in there aswell! Stunning!

Secondly we have Pixie and I'd describe this colour as a darker tiffany colour. It's nice, not my favourite but ok for when i'm feeling a bit random.

Lastly we have Agyness, a mid to dark tone purple with a pearlescent shimmer. Very pretty but not terribly unique.

Just as a side note, I have to declare whether I paid for these things and whether this is my honest opinion. Well I pay for everything I get just ask my debit card it's in pain and this is definately my honest opnion. Surely you can tell when I don't particularly like something because I just don't have much to say about it. I can't conjure up fake product love feelings I'm not a pr robot!

Now that's over with shall we continue? Bonus points for reading this far down and there will be a prize for whoever lasts until the end (joke!)

Duwop is a brand I don't know much about, I was only aware of the lip venom and that kind of thing doesn't interest me. I was having my regular Sunday afternoon blog mooch and came across a post of musing of a muse about a Duwop trio of eyeshadows. When I saw the swatches I nearly died, I just had to have it! The only place I could find that stocked it was Sephora and they don't ship to the UK so my lust waned. Until I spotted what I believed to be the same trio on Asos aha happy times! The packaging is a grey plastic and feels very cheap bit the product itself is superb. Gorgeous and buttery smooth with insane pigmentation I love love love! This was around £8-10 reduced from around £20.

Look how sexy that gold colour is!! (no flash)

Illamasqua I heart thee more and more each day. I added three more cream eyeshadows to my ever expanding Illamasqua collection. Suck, which is a darker turquoise, not teal more darker sky turquoise blue if that makes any sense. I wanted this mainly for an eyeshadow base and to experiment with it on my waterline. You never know until you try!

Next is Love, a very pretty duck egg blue which actually matches the colour of my kitchen walls. Random fact I know :) I bought this to layer illamasqua intense eyeshadow on top of it paired with a pigment I can't remember the name of but it's a pale apple green.

Now the last cream eyeshadow, entangle, looks black in the picture but intact is a very dark brown. I picked this up as an alternative to MACs quite natural paintpot. Hopefully it will add a bit of smoky depth and staying power to my brown/gold looks. These were approximately £6 each reduced from around £14.

My word this post is long!

Finally we have Korres eyeshadows in 51s silver, 46s olive green, 64s geisha pink, 22s orange and 44s golden green. Hang on you might be thinking, there's six in the picture and only 5 listed? As I was opening 42s green white (top middle), it emptied itself all over my brand new duvet cover!!! Not impressed at all, I've contacted Asos about a replacement so I'll update on how that goes.

These are all shimmer eyeshadows and have the same soft but not too soft texture that I love about Korres eyeshadows. The pigmentation is pretty good, maybe with the exception of geisha pink which struggles to show up on my paler than pale skin. The only issue I have with these is that the white packaging feels really cheap and already the olive green shade doesn't close grr. These shadows were about £4-5 each if my memory serves me correctly reduced from around £11.

Ok I'm done! Three cheers and a pat on the back if you made it. If you have any questions about any of the products you see here or would like a review/swatches just let me know in the comments.

X x
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Review - Lush Vanilla dee lite body lotion

This lotion was in the Vanilllary box set that I got for free in the Lush boxing day sale. The smell of the lotion is like that of any of Lush's vanilla range, it's a soft natural scent that lingers on the skin for hours afterward. Obviously if vanilla scents aren't to your taste then this won't appeal instantly but I urge you to go to your nearest Lush just to smell this because it's truly lovely. It's a deep but fresh vanilla scent with caramel undertones it smells so good you will be sniffing yourself all day long.

I have used this almost every day since I bought it and it does do a pretty good job of keeping my extremely dry skin soft and stopping those horrible cracks on my elbows and knees appearing. The lotion sinks in fairly quickly, I apply it after a bath or shower and within ten minutes my skin hasn't got that tacky feeling you get with some moisturising lotions. I've also used it on my hands and feet at night with cotton gloves and chunky socks and it made a really good overnight treatment. When I took the socks and gloves off in the morning, my hands and feet were very soft and they smelt gorgeous. Yes I smelt my own feet, the things I do for a review!

This retails for £10.50 for a 250g bottle, check out the rest of the Vanilla range because it's just gorgeous and my favourite smell from Lush. I wish they would bring out a shower gel in the range :D

If you have any questions about Lush vanilla dee lite lotion or would like to request a review of any of the other products I bought just pop it in the comments.

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