Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A to Z of me!!

I saw this tag on A Fashionable Affair and thought I would jump in on it! As a side note - I received an email about my new camera; it is on backorder for 3 weeks!!! I wasn’t impressed and told them to cancel my order and refund my moolah.

A . . new beginning I feel like my life is mine again

B . . irthdays specifically mine! 17th November put it in your diaries!

C . . heryl my bestest friend in the whole wide world ha ha we've been friends since we were 4 and even though we've had fallouts and don't see each other often, we've never stopped being friends. She's my Yoda the one person I can go to for advice that basically I already knew and just needed someone else to tell me!

D . . entist I haven't been in maybe over a year! That's really bad for me I love my teeth they're pretty.

E . . ! channel 151 I love it for some random celeb gossip :)

F . . riends, I didn't used to be one of those girls who relied on female friends as I found them too bitchy and competitive but over the past year I've found a group of friends that I can really rely for a chat, a good night out and even just for a random joke text! I wouldn't like to be without them love you guys x x

G . . ail - my mum the one person who will always be there for me no matter what happens or what I do she always sticks by me.

H . . ome nothing like that feeling of walking in the door after work and feeling that all is right with the world

I . . ndecision my worst trait

J . .osh my brother who I am extremely proud of and wish I was still as close to him as I used to be :(

K . . orres spiced chocolate and brandy shower gel – I love you! You smell like Christmas!

L . . iving Tv I think they have some of the best programs on TV Greys Anatomy, Army Wives, ANTM etc

M . . ake up! This one had to be here, the spending has gone wildly out of control lately but I'll contribute that to the healing process - it's allowed.

N . . ew Moon I am so excited I could explode!! 20.11.09 woop woop I'll be the geek in the corner with my advance booking tickets :) and it's out 3 days after my birthday!

O . . ld age - I turn 23 this time and I'm stupidly excited about my presents, I'm still a child inside

P . . ets - my cat Barney is a pain in the bum but I love him all the same, I really want a whippet called Daisy as well though.

Q . . ueuing not my favourite thing to do

R . . obert Pattinson you sexy moody beast I want you ha ha I've got to admit I did think he was kinda hot when he was in Harry Potter which is kinda creepy considering how old he was (eeep). Cast the boy as a sexy vampire and you've got a winner!!

S . . ingle life - I am loving being single I feel so free and I'm happy all the time now where as I used to be happy 25% of the time when I was with my ex.

T . . wilight!!!!aaaaaaaahhhhh *squeals* I so did not get the hype and then about 2 months after it came out on DVD I caved in and bought it. I am obsessed!!

U . . nderwear - La Senza I love you, you sexify me

V . . omit, in a public place, at 730am = it’s never appropriate so just don’t. It’s not something I enjoy seeing on the bus making its way under my seat from behind or almost stepping in it walking to work.

W . . ednesday nights out - it's the new Friday

X . . rated facebook pictures - one friend of mine who shall not be named posted some very porno-esque pictures sandwiched between pictures of a night out I hope she didn’t know they were there but something tells me she did – eeew I feel dirty just thinking about them

Y . . awning something I do a lot at the moment I'm pretty exhausted from working 2 jobs and very late nights

Z. . zzzzzzzz a thing I need lots of but I'm only getting about 4 hours a night at the moment

That took ages for some reason I couldn't think of one for I? Anyhoo I tag basically anyone who reads this x x