Sunday, 22 March 2009

Fake Nars on Ebay!

Most of this you guys that have been buying make up forever will already know it's really just for people who are starting out.

I'm going to put a link up to a seller that I found on ebay that is blatantly selling fake Nars blushes. I got a little ticked off looking at them cause they are so obviously fake. If you read the information on these two links it kind of clears up the often tiny details that you might miss.

Admittedly some of the fakes are very fake looking but some of them are quite good imitations. Especially if people are juts starting collecting make up they could be easily scammed which is crappy.

The ebay seller is :- This seller has 100% feedback so at first glance you think wow maybe they are totally genuine! Check out these pictures below which are the pictures of the four "Nars blushes" the seller currently has for sale.

Signs they are fake -

  • Nars logo imprinted into product
  • Too much pan showing around the outside of product

So yeah just be extra wary when looking on sites like Ebay is it worth buying a fake product and putting God knows what on your face? If you guys have any questions just leave me a comment and if you have details of any Ebay sellers that you are certain are selling fake products pop them in the comment box too!! Thanks guys have a good Mothers Day x x

1 comments: said...

wow I wouldnt know the difference! is it an older packaging of nars possibly? I sell on ebay constantly mostly hair products that have had package and formula changes.People who like original formula and dont like revamped formulas.Also I sell discontinued colors, lines etc. that are hard to find so I was wondering if this person is doing something similar with Nars?
I dunno :/
I dont even know how one would go about making fake products LOL.