Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Sizzle or Fizzle aka hot or not!

I was a bit bored so I thought I'll do my version of a hot or not, loving not loving etc.

Ta da!! I'm probably copying someone after all there's only so many ways you can re jig hot or not!! So if something is sizzle-ing its awesome and if something is fizzle-ing it's not so cool people. We shall begin.


  • Henry Cavill - from The Tudors, the Dunhill ads and my daydreams please feel free to ogle this beast of a man.

Ok, did you take enough time to drool and then to compose yourself enough to read on?
  • TK Maxx - my long lost love, I could spend a good chunk of my Saturday in there in my non working youth but now I just run in on my dinner and check for any NYX and St Tropez bargains.
  • Living at my boyfriends house for a week and looking after his gorgeous dog Oliver whilst his family were on holiday, playing house is so much fun when it's just a test run!
  • Mooching round Cheshire Oaks for an afternoon and buying items that will be disclosed in a haul post later today hee hee!
  • Not having to care about crappy weather on bank holidays because I'm stuck in work (should this be a fizzle maybe?)
  • Awesome bargain jewellery!!
  • Having to decide on an appropriate outfit for meeting my boyfriends ENTIRE family!! So that would be something pastel and pretty and most importantly innocent looking!!
  • Crappy weather on bank holidays.
  • Watching Marley and Me and realising I could never own a dog because I was absolutely wailing at the end of that film :(
  • Having spent nearly all that's left of wages on jewellery!
Anyhoo I think that's about enough for tonight I shall return in the morning bright, refreshed and showing off my bargain bounty! Night all x x x x