Sunday, 7 February 2010

Review - Lush Vanilla dee lite body lotion

This lotion was in the Vanilllary box set that I got for free in the Lush boxing day sale. The smell of the lotion is like that of any of Lush's vanilla range, it's a soft natural scent that lingers on the skin for hours afterward. Obviously if vanilla scents aren't to your taste then this won't appeal instantly but I urge you to go to your nearest Lush just to smell this because it's truly lovely. It's a deep but fresh vanilla scent with caramel undertones it smells so good you will be sniffing yourself all day long.

I have used this almost every day since I bought it and it does do a pretty good job of keeping my extremely dry skin soft and stopping those horrible cracks on my elbows and knees appearing. The lotion sinks in fairly quickly, I apply it after a bath or shower and within ten minutes my skin hasn't got that tacky feeling you get with some moisturising lotions. I've also used it on my hands and feet at night with cotton gloves and chunky socks and it made a really good overnight treatment. When I took the socks and gloves off in the morning, my hands and feet were very soft and they smelt gorgeous. Yes I smelt my own feet, the things I do for a review!

This retails for £10.50 for a 250g bottle, check out the rest of the Vanilla range because it's just gorgeous and my favourite smell from Lush. I wish they would bring out a shower gel in the range :D

If you have any questions about Lush vanilla dee lite lotion or would like to request a review of any of the other products I bought just pop it in the comments.

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Lillian Funny Face said...

I love love love that gift box, it's so beautiful! I've never tried any of their vanilla range, i'm going to have to go and have a sniff :D