Saturday, 29 August 2009

I did a bad thing

I suppose the title sounded quite ominous but it refers to me spending a stupid amount of money when I'm trying to save up.

This is how I shop

  • Research - usually swatches online, recommendations from blog posts and You Tube videos or I'll randomly Twitter "what's the best product from (insert brand name here)?" I think this 'method' of shopping is the best way to stop me buying random things which I regret 99% of the time.

  • Up close and personal - this is where I get extremely annoying according to my mother. I take forever swatching, thinking of uses for products and how much I would actually use them etc. I think that it's important though because as I said above random buying is bad for me, I get grumpy when something is crappy - 3 words Rimmel Sexy Curves - such a marmite product and lets put it this way, I've never liked marmite.

That over with onto the goodies I'll apologise in advance for the lack of 'real' pictures as I've literally just ordered these things yesterday and they aren't in my hands yet :(

First and foremost, my MAC order. I've been deciding for what seems like a thousand years what I should get and today I finally got my act together.

My first addition you will all recognise, ladies and gentlemen, the 239 brush.

The next beauty to be purchased was the 129 blush brush.

This next one I'm particularly excited about because I feel my eyeshadow's deserve a really good blending brush, the 224.

My last purchase is something that people might think is unnecessary but I reasoned if I'm going to spend money on brushes I should at least take care of them properly which is why I got some brush cleanser.

This bevy of beauties hopefully *crosses fingers* will be here before Friday so I can road test them before Illamasqua an event which I am seriously excited for and my first ever bloggers event!!

I was hoping to order from the Nars website but it hasn't loaded up fully all day it was really strange and disappointing but I can always buy things in person on Friday!!

Next up is my ASOS.COM order which should be arriving on Wednesday.

This colour I haven't seen before in my local Boots and Superdrug but that might be because they are a bit naff. Rimmel's waterproof eyeliner in Aqua Sparkle. I have the plum colour and whilst I love the gorgeous warm tones it does require a bit of effort but it is true to it's waterproof claim and lasts all day.

Nails seemed to be next on my shopping agenda I picked up Barry M nail paints in Mint Green and Acid Yellow which were on offer for £1.75 each, always a fiend for a bargain, in the basket they went.

The Nails inc Spring Summer 09 collection has been on my mind for as while and this is the one I'm not sure about mainly because Nails inc polishes are hit and miss for me I have 13 or 14 currently and they vary hugely the glitters and shimmers don't impress me really and I prefer a cream finish at the moment. In the end the reduced price kind of swayed it into my basket it was £12 for four colours, if I don't love one then eh no big loss. I'm kind of in love with the blue colour how gorgeous is it!!

Next up we have Korres lip butter in Guava, I have the plum version and I'm basically just curious to see what this one is like.

Last but not least we have Illamasqua liquid metal in Solstice, I already have Enrapture and I love it but I felt like I was missing out. I did swatch Solstice at the counter in Selfridges but it kind of took on a green tinge on my hand, it just wasn't as pretty as I wanted it to be so I passed. As usual with things that I really want I obsess about them until I cave in and get them so whilst I was ordering I figured heck why not chuck in Solstice it's more convenient than trekking to Selfridges. Shopping maths helped me through this one - online shopping = £3.95 delivery charge vs petrol to Selfridges = £5 or more!! Shopping maths helps me out alot :)

That was an epic post, well my lovelies I will put up another haul post tomorrow showing what I got from Boots the other day after work.
I've got to run to catch the rest of the X factor!! I get so addicted to it every year, I love it :)